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About Our App

Grandmaster Larry Tatum is THE world's foremost practitioner of American Kenpo. This app has been developed as a tool to help students of Kenpo to learn and expand their knowledge of the art.

Complete Video Series

Access the ENTIRE Kenpo curriculum, including all 154 base techniques, 96 extensions, forms and sets, all presented in an easy to use format and at your fingertips


Listen as Grandmaster Tatum discusses Kenpo, life, and imparts advise on how to become a better Kenpoist, as both a student and instructor. Mr Tatum will dig deep into the concepts and philosophies, applications and history of Kenpo, as well as many other fascinating topics

Live-Stream Seminars

Exclusive, in-App-only seminars will be conducted throughout the year. This app will be the only place where you will be able to attend!

Seminar Archive

Access to hours and hours of exclusive footage from various seminars around the globe given by Grandmaster Tatum

Easy To Use

Select Techniques by "Belt", Type of Attack","Weapon" and "Attack Direction" to help focus your training

Bonus Footage

Hours of bonus videos including Form 8, Private Dojo videos, "Change", "Against Mass Attacks", "Dynamic Blocking", "Tip of the week", "foot Maneauvers" and more...

How The App Works?


Sign in to the App using your email, Facebook or Twitter accounts. If it is your first time using the app you will be asked to register.


Choose from one of our available levels of membership - Basic and Premium. Enter your details using your credit card. If you have alread subscribed and are logged in, you won't need to do anything.


Scroll through the various sections, watch the curriculum videos, view footage from seminars, even interact with Grandmaster Tatum on the Social Dojo.


We hope that you are able to use the App in your training and to help you further your Kenpo learning. Remember, enjoy the art!

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Our Pricing Options

With our simple and reasonable pricing structure, anyone can have the power of a dojo, and the wisdom of a Master, in the palm of their hand

Premium Membership


Per Month

  • Technique Videos All 154 base techniques and 96 extensions
  • Forms & Sets Videos of all required forms and sets
  • Important Info List of upcoming seminars and affiliated schools
  • Podcast Weekly discussion with Grandmaster Tatum
  • Social Dojo A space to post questions, ask for advice, etc
  • Seminar Archive Videos of previous seminars from around the world
  • Live-Stream Seminars In-App-exclusive live streaming seminars
  • Technique Selection Select by "Type of Attack","Weapon" and "Attack Direction"
  • Bonus Footage Hours of bonus videos (including Form 8, Private Dojo videos, "Change", "Against Mass Attacks", "Dynamic Blocking", "Tip of the week", "foot Maneauvers" and more..)
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